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 Read Me Before Pre-Ordering

In regards to your orders, please check to see if your item(s) is in fact a pre-order or in stock item(s) before requesting a status update. Estimated release dates are always shown on the product listing itself for a pre-order item(s). On that note I would take the estimated release dates with a grain of salt. Rocketbox Diecast Warehouse is not responsible for any delays on pre-orders due to manufacturer delays, date changes or anything that is beyond our control. We strive to do our best to update pre-order information as it is given to us but dealing with overseas distribution, that information is just not available to us most of the time. Pre-orders are usually paid for in advance by us therefore securing your item(s). Please be patient with us as these pre-order item(s) are usually listed months in advance. Due to us securing your pre-orders in advance, we have a no tolerance policy on pre-order disputes/claims and cancelations and will permanently limit customer accounts and share the details across a network of other die-cast stores/resellers.

Please make sure the item that is ordered is what you want as it is near impossible for us to re-neg on our distributors overseas. STOCK NOTICE: Our "In stock" indicator is not indicatory of in-hand stock, but total available allocations from our suppliers. We do this to represent what is available from our pre-purchased incoming inventory. *Note* It does however indicate in-hand stock for non pre-order items. Eg. "New Arrivals" Thank you for trusting us in securing some of the world greatest diecast releases from the biggest/best brands the diecast community has to offer. We truly do appreciate it. Pre-orders help our business maintain and strengthen supplier and manufacturer relationships; the more we get, the more we can offer! We ask kindly to limit emails requesting updates on anything in the pre-order section as in the current scope of the world, their will be delays from many of your favorite manufacturers. Rest assured, you will receive your pre-ordered item(s). Just please be patient with us. 

Collection: Ignition Model

Ignition Model is a Japanese brand that manufactures mainly JDM models from famous rides like LBWK, PANDEM, Rally Cars, etc. These vehicles are often 3D scanned to replicate the model to the fullest detail and scale. It's resin models are the most popular mainlines among its collection and its known for their 1/18 scale models.